Friday, May 2, 2008

Hello, My name is Gabby, and I am a mother of two AUTISTIC boys: Joshua (4.5 years old) & Nicholas (2.5 years old)...
My earliest memories daydreaming about just being a wife and mother ... I met my soulmate and it was only a matter of time before the rest of my dreams were realized. I was sooooo excited and filled with Joy, Hopes, and dreams for my son to be... Joshua was born on October of 2003... a perfect little boy!!! He flipped over from back to front while he was being weighed for the first time, a strong child indeed...he fed well and slept all night long!!! But this was soon to end... before we left the hospital they took him to the nursery to get a shot (Hep B) so that he would be "safe"... When they brought him back all had changed, and this calm and serene child, would not stop crying. He became horse...and unable to cry like a normal child!!! He did not eat well, stopped sleeping through the night, and day. He was also jaundice...They would tell me over and over that he was OK, that he was a "colicky child"... What ever that means!
As he received more vaccines his condition deteriorated more and more, That strong child became weak, low muscle tone, eye contact started to fade away, and language stopped. It all became more intense after his flu shot at 12months. But the pediatrician kept reassuring me that I was being paranoid, that the vaccines had nothing to do with all his problems...
January 9th 2006, Joshua was diagnosed as SEVERELY AUTISTIC. A week prior to this I was diagnosed with CANCER ( lymphoma type B). Our second child Nicholas was only 5 months old!!! Breastfeeding had to be stopped. In preparation for upcoming Chemo – I had to have a procedure that would insert a Life Port in my chest, to be able to receive the chemo. Later came the radiation... Thank God for family – our support system!

Once Nicholas became 18 months, he received the same diagnosis "AUTISM"... our world was shattered and all our hopes and dreams for our children were tossed away as we were told that there was nothing that could be done, but wait and expect the worse the older they got!!! But, giving up on our boys was not an option for us, I fought and survived CANCER so that we could beat AUTISM too!!!
Unable to work because of my busy schedule as a "spectrum mom" and with limited funds, I started to research in every way possible. Our boys have received alternative treatments, some improvement here and there, but they have been neurologically tested and need STEM CELL & Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to repair the brain-injury caused by toxins and fevers associated with them.... All this is not covered by insurance so we don't have the means to pay for all of this much needed treatments!!! Their language has been impaired and have no voice to let me know when they are hungry, sad or in pain... Time is ticking for them... Please help us to help them...

We cannot do this alone... they need you!!!

Love, Gabby. :0)